ARTNSIPS ORG: ARTNSIPS Non-Profit Organization

As a way of contributing to the community, ARTNSIPS is donating its events to other non-profit organisations and hospitals. 


​Our aim when donating our events, is to make ARTNSIPS Social Art Events accessible to individuals, groups and communities who are facing challenges, and to provide them with a different and positive space to connect with themselves and others.  


​Through fun artistic activities held in relaxed informal settings, ARTNSIPS puts to use the creative skills of its artists to connect and bring people together differently and to help promote and improve personal wellbeing and the welfare of communities.


​We host our events in informal, social settings (such as: cafes's, bars, hangars, music halls, and more) which allows us to appeal to the wider population and thus remove barriers and create a bridge between art and those who normally shy away from art. At ARTNSIPS we believe art is for everyone. 


Our Purpose & Mission 

ARTNSIPS ORG intends to lead by example. Our belief is that it does not matter how big or small a company is. One can always find ways to give back to the community, to others, and there are numerous ways in which we can each contribute. We are convinced that if every one of us, as employees or as business owners, dedicates a portion of our efforts towards charitable causes, towards giving back without expecting monetary returns, the world will be a better place to live in. 


It is wonderfully simple to do good onto others, as individuals, families, businesses. The act of giving is a cycle, and the good we do onto others will multiply and return to you many times over. All that is really needed is starting. Start giving and the circle will spin round.

ARTNSIPS ORG is focusing on donating its events to a number organizations such as Askov Fonden and Kræftens Bekæmpelse (, to provide individuals with a little light, a disconnect from their worries and tools that can actually help in managing hardships. Our first charity event took place on November 14th, 2019 for the Danish NGO, Askov Fonden. 


The Health Benefits of Art

Research has shown that engaging in hands-on minds-on artistic activities has a wide array of benefits:

  • Relieving stress

  • Encouraging creative thinking

  • Effecting the brain by increasing connectivity and plasticity

  • Boosting self-esteem

  • Providing a sense of accomplishment

  • Increasing empathy and tolerance


Additionally, when you create art and immerse in a creative activity, you may find yourself in a meditative-like state which temporarily pushes aside all your worries. Everyone can therefore benefit from engaging in artistic activities.

the benefits of socializing

The Health Benefits of Socializing

We are social beings. Almost all of us desire the company of others on a regular basis. ​Getting out and meeting people can make us healthier. Here are several benefits of attending social events:

  • Boosts feelings of well-being 

  • Reduces symptoms of depression by reducing feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety

  • Increases the sense of belonging

  • Improves our mood

  • For those of us who may be coping with a disease or another condition, social interaction allows us to continue with our daily life and feel as normal as possible

  • Memory and cognitive function are all improved by social activity and engagement

  • With the rise in online interaction, face-to-face bonding is being replaced and potentially leading people to become lonely and isolated. Hence, making time for personal relations and socializing can be the key to a happier and healthier life

the artnsips approach

The ARTNSIPS Approach

The ARTNSIPS Approach is to bring art, in its many forms, to everyone, in a social setting. ARTNSIPS simply pairs the two, Art & Socializing, and provides a space for people to come together differently, and for something good to happen! 



ARTNSIPS and ARTNSIPS ORG were founded by Naamah Bierlich. A Dane and Israeli who has been living internationally all her life.

After acquiring her degree in Economics in the UK and working for a number of leading companies in the financial sector in London, Naamah embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the formation of ARTNSIPS, in June 2016.


Since its incorporation, Naamah has hosted over 130 events with ARTNSIPS in Copenhagen only, and has also hosted dozens of private events for globally leading companies such as: Novo Nordisk, Trustpilot, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group and many more.  ARTNSIPS is now in the midst of expanding to additional cities in Europe. 

ARTNSIPS ORG is ARTNSIPS’ non-profit entity which was founded in August 2019 thanks to our customers who keep bringing to our attention the benefits of attending our events. As a space for them to unwind, to connect with old and new friends, to explore their artistic side, to disconnect from their worries and thoughts for a few hours or just to experience and learn something new. Everyone benefits from attending an ARTNSIPS event.

Our main motivation in forming ARTNSIPS ORG is to offer these benefits to those who might not have access to our events and are facing challenges in their lives. Art in a social setting has innumerable personal, cognitive and health benefits. 

meet our team

Meet our Team

We could not make this happen without the dedication of our artists and volunteers.  To read more about ARTNSIPS team, click here.


Askov Fonden is an NGO that works to create better terms for vulnerable people in Denmark. 

On November 14th, 2019, ARTNSIPS hosted its first charitable event for Askov Fonden.

Contact us today if you are a member of a non-profit organisation or hospital and would like us to host a

charitable event for you.

become a sponsor

We are currently looking for sponsors to help us cover the expenses associated with sourcing the art material needed for ARTNSIPS ORG charitable events, and to help us keep donating our events to those who can truly benefit from our events.

To become a sponsor contact us today.


Join our team of artists and individuals who are passionate about giving back to their community. 

We are looking for both artists and individuals to volunteer at ARTNSIPS ORG charitable events. 

To join our team of volunteers contact us today.


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